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5 Tips For Building Efficient Web Store Apps

By now, it is fairly clear that website and mobile app developers know all about creating web store apps. They use this same knowledge to help support their mobile ecommerce merchants. However, the same app developer is not aware of the best practices that all mobile app developers should employ to successfully launch their businesses on the web.

App store design helps your users find your app quickly and easily. You can add a link in your app’s home page to go directly to the App Store. The links in your app’s splash page are also easy to find.

Your store experience should be convenient. Make your store load faster by including effective static image hosting and web store add-ons. For example, you could use CSS grid layout for mobile devices. This will optimize the amount of space available on your store.

A key element in a successful mobile website is a “recent app” feature. You can use this to help your customers find your app. A recent app link lets them know what’s new. As with your web store pages, your recent app link will point directly to the App Store. This shows the user what the app has done since the last time they used it.

Use Web Store SDKs. If you do not currently use a developer for your storefront or store, ask the App Store for their Web Store SDKs. This will give you the ability to sell your apps using the Web Store feature. This is especially valuable if you’re having a hard time finding an app store owner to work with. This is also the case if you need additional customization.

The content of your store pages must be able to be viewed on any device. Include background images and animations to help maximize mobile conversion. Use CSS, JavaScript, and Flash for a rich experience.

Use robust email marketing services to build customer trust. Even if your email marketing campaign includes many tools, the potential client doesn’t want to take the risk of getting spam mail. Ask for permission from your customers before sending them promotional material.

Address every customer’s question, as well as feedback that you receive about your store. Respond to comments and concerns quickly and professionally.

Optimize your store for a great online experience. Use page caching, make sure the HTML and CSS you use are up to date and add other security features to keep unauthorized people from gaining access to your store.

Customize your store for every possible event. If you have a slow checkout process, include tools to help customers save time. If your users always leave their e-mail address and phone number, consider adding these resources to your store.

Do not hesitate to use your website and mobile apps to share news with your customers. People love information, and mobile apps let you offer them. If you offer detailed product descriptions, image galleries, or an in-depth FAQ, you can help inform your customers about new products and create compelling reasons to buy your merchandise.

Keeping your web store apps up to date is crucial. Adding new features is easier than ever with the right development tools. If you’re not currently doing this, you should be.