apples app store


Apple’s new App Store has been a hit since it first launched and the app developers are not missing the opportunity to tap into this growing market. With more than 500 million downloads in the first few weeks of its existence, the App Store is set to be a gold mine for the next few years.

Apple has also given the app developers a free marketing tool, iBeacon technology, which enables them to use the wireless technology to track the location of their customers. This makes the App Store unique among all the leading mobile platforms. iBeacon technology allows the apps to provide custom user experiences with customized banners, buttons, or cards. The users can either see the banner on their smart phone or tap the card.

The App Store has also provided developers with many tools for the development of their apps. The main tool is the iWork kit, which lets them build customized presentations in the form of documents, spreadsheets, graphs, and images. For those who have an idea for a cool product, the iMovie Studio can be used to create an animated movie. Another good tool is the iMovie viewer, which lets the users to view their movie on the iPhone. The movie player can be expanded to provide a 3D experience.

Other applications can be used for games and music player application. The iTunes Music Store has become an extremely popular place for both fans and downloaders to buy and listen to their favourite music from a large database.

The iOS device can also connect to the internet. With the support of Wi-Fi hotspot, users can access the internet at the same time as playing their favourite music on their devices. The iPhone can also make use of Bluetooth to connect with the device’s display. This way, users can play their games, videos and pictures even if they are at an airplane or bus station.

These days, the App Store has come up with many applications that have become so popular, that people have actually started selling other products for a profit online. Some of these are clothing lines, gift vouchers, food recipes and even skin care products. With the help of this powerful platform, the users can access the web at anytime and anywhere. and can interact with the audience in a highly interactive manner.

Apple’s app store is not the only platform that is benefiting from this revolution. Android has also introduced its own platform that has similar features to the App Store.

Android is considered by many to be more reliable and useful than iOS. Since the platforms can run on the same hardware, it provides users with a wide range of choices for users.

The applications available for Android are very similar to the iOS, and hence the users find it easier to use. Since it is easier to install, users also get to use it faster.

Another great thing about Android is the ease with which it allows users to browse for information about different products. Even if they want to shop for a particular product, they do not need to install another application.

There are a number of mobile websites that cater to Android users, like Amazon’s appstore, which is based on the Amazon’s mobile app. Users can access information and reviews for different products through this interface.

Though Apple has yet to release an app for Android, there are some applications that are already available for users. Although they have not been released yet, some companies have made plans to bring these applications on Android. Although this may not be an official application yet, but it is an exciting thought that it is in the works.