cool apps to download on iphone

If you’re into photography, you can download some cool apps for iPhone to turn your photos and videos into masterpieces. These include Clips, which is like an easy-to-use video editor, as well as iMovies and Final Cut Pro. You can also retouch selfies with the FaceTune app, although the app lacks the advanced tools of Adobe Photoshop. You can also use Google Photos to store photos, view videos, and create customized animations. Finally, you can scan printed photos to add to your collection.

One of the most popular free iPhone apps is Pocket. If you frequently read news websites or blogs, Pocket allows you to store articles for future reference. It works offline, letting you read them later without having to reload your browser. In addition, you can share them to different social networking sites. This app makes life easier for those who are constantly on the go, as they can easily access the information they want to read at a moment’s notice.

Another cool app for iPhone users is Night Sky, which allows you to point your phone at the night sky to see stars and other celestial objects in a 3D model. Users can even get notifications about stellar objects. It also includes support for Siri Shortcuts, which allows users to ask Siri to tell them more about the stars. You can even search for the stars right from the app! So there’s always something to keep in mind while downloading these cool apps to download on iPhone.

Another cool app to download on iPhone is Aesthetic Kit, which has an extensive catalog of themes for iPhone. Users can vote on their favorites, and can also create their own iPhone themes and share them with the world. The app also has aesthetic keyboard styles, which add a unique touch to your iPhone’s look.

Carrot Weather is an excellent weather app for iPhone. It pulls in data from multiple weather APIs for a rich data set and customizable GUI. It also has an interesting personality, which makes it a great option for a weather app. Carrot Weather is free to download, but premium features can be purchased for $0.99 a month.

Sketchbook is another useful app for iPhone users. It used to be a money-making app, but nowadays, it’s free and can be used for a variety of artistic purposes. You can draw photorealistic paintings or designs for gadgets. With its features and lack of price, it’s perfect for iOS fans and scribbling enthusiasts.