HTC has come out with a new flagship smartphone the HTC Desire HD which has several innovative features. It is the latest mid-budget Android smartphone available from the Android ecosystem. Let us see what are the unique features of this smartphone.

htc android market

The HTC Desire HD has a dual camera on the rear for taking great pictures. It is equipped with a high resolution 16-megapixel camera and an eight mega-pixels camera. This gives you excellent pictures at all times. The HTC android market htc desire hd comes with a 2.0 Mega pixels touch screen which is really good for taking clear pictures.

The other feature of HTC android smartphone is HTC Sense. It is like Android OS or the similar operating system for smartphones but is different in its own way. With Sense, users can enjoy all the features of Android OS without the need to use any other program. You can run everything through the built in apps. It also has many widgets including text readers, music players and images.

The HTC Desire HD is priced reasonably and is packed with useful features. You can personalize your phone according to your taste with a lot of apps. It comes with a wallpaper that is rich in graphics. There are a lot of HTC apps for users to enjoy. With a variety of widgets available through HTC apps, you can have an awesome experience. It is the HTC market leader and is considered as one of the finest smartphone available in the Android market.

This is one of those handsets that is not just stylish but also comes with high quality hardware. There are thousands of apps available on the HTC Android handset. Users can get all the information about a particular place via GPS facility. This handset is also excellent for travelling because it comes with a built-in global navigation system that is extremely helpful for travelers.

HTC EVO Shift is another top selling smartphone in the Android market. It has the same design as the Desire HD and offers plenty of storage space. There are loads of HTC apps that provide fun and entertainment to the users. You can download a lot of games and videos from the HTC Android Market.

One of the latest phones from HTC is the Windows Mobile XP. It is available for a cheap price and is ideal for students and people who are always on the move. With this handset, you can get access to your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also get text messages from your friends and enjoy instant messaging services as well.

If you are looking to buy a new handset for your personal use, then you can go for one of these HTC Android phones. They are available at affordable rates and you can also get high-end handsets if you want one. You can also get handsets on lease and save a lot of money. So, get online and browse a few websites to find out more about these handsets.

To buy HTC Android phones, you need to find an online store that sells them. You can also search for them through Google and many other search engines. Look for a store that offers free gifts and money back guarantee. If you are getting the phone for free, then take advantage of it and do not let the phone leave your hand till the end of the contract period.

There are many other advantages that you can avail with the HTC android devices. First, they run on the Gingerbread platform and hence there is absolutely no compatibility issue with the other OSes like Android 2.3.4. These handsets also run on the open source operating system that is Linux. This reduces the software costs significantly and you can also get free software. You can get access to a huge database of apps and various other useful features.

These handsets allow the users to browse the internet, watch movies, listen to music and even play games. With the internet facility, the users can send and receive emails and perform most common tasks on the phone. HTC Android phones are also capable of storing large memory space and this increases the speed of data transfer.

The HTC Android Market is expanding very fast and it has become a must buy device for all the gadget lovers. The other big players in the market like Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG are also offering great handsets at a highly competitive price. The only problem is that buyers have to sift through lots of deals and offers to get access to the handsets they are looking for. If you are buying a HTC Android phone now, you can get access to the handset when you buy it through any of these HTC Android phones stores.