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New Mobile Application Development Platform From Samsung

Android application development is the method by which software applications are developed for mobile devices running on the Android platform. Google states, “Android apps can be written in any programming language that is currently available” using the Android SDK, though other languages are also possible. The Android SDK contains tools and samples for application developers to use. Software companies who are willing to develop an Android application need only sign up as an application developer and pay a nominal fee. After signing up and paying the appropriate fees, they will receive their own unique ID and password from Google.

Samsung has been the leader when it comes to mobile devices. They currently control more than 50% of the mobile device market. As part of their strategy, Samsung focuses on markets where they have a higher likelihood of exceeding customer demand. The focus of Samsung’s marketing strategy is to reach more people through the use of their various channels including mobile, place-to-place, and online. Because of this they have developed various programs like the Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy S, the Galaxy Tab, and the Smartpen.

Samsung has also invested significantly in improving their software development tools and in particular their SmartDust. SmartDust is a virtual application platform for the mobile world. It allows mobile developers to develop custom and high-end applications without having to understand the Android SDK or any other programming language. Since making SmartDust available to their developers, Samsung has seen an immediate increase in applications being developed using their technology. In fact, the company recently surpassed Apple and HTC to become the third busiest Android application development company behind Google and Apple.

With the advent of SmartDust, Samsung has gained a new tool which enables them to take their Android application development service one step further. In the future they hope to be able to run multiple apps on a single device. This would allow users to not only have one home screen but to have multiple “featured” screens on their mobile devices. What’s more, they hope to be able to streamline their mobile devices using a single application platform. This will lead to an optimized user experience and better performance on mobile devices.

In addition to the aforementioned Mobile Korea corporation, several other Korean companies are investing in the Android ecosystem. Most notable of these companies is Samsung. Samsung is developing its own proprietary mobile operating system. They are also involved in the development of mobile applications and are working with development companies to port existing Android applications to the Touch series of phones running on Tizen.

In a similar fashion, LG is working with application developers to port their existing Android applications to run on the LG Telefone 3. Earlier this year, LG released its touch screen phone and it immediately sold out. LG has a very successful mobile brand and is home to some of the best Android application developers.

The acquisition of application developers by Samsung should not be a surprise. Samsung has a mission to dominate the mobile industry and they are taking every opportunity available to do so. If you look at their core business then you will quickly realize that they are dedicated to improving their core competency. It does not matter if the focus of their attention is on mobile communications or entertainment, they will find a way to bring something great to the table.

There are many rumors regarding the future of Samsung and their mobile endeavors. One thing is for sure. No matter what the company does, they will continue to make their presence felt in the mobile technology world. As the world turns into a more intelligent mobile universe, it will be very important for Samsung to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, this is precisely what their newly acquired development arm Cliqperia is all about. Cliqperia will help the company to remain a true force in the mobile technology world.