What exactly is truffle salt? Truffle is actually a type of salt that is used for different special occasions. Truffle is a type of sea salt and is mostly used as seasonings in desserts, candies, breads, pastries and snack foods. What makes truffle salt so special is that it is considered as one of the more expensive salts available on the market. But, what’s even more interesting about truffle salt is that it can actually be purchased online for a much lesser price than the real thing!

truffle salt

Where did truffle salt come from? Truffle is actually a term given to small round sugar-coated disks of white or black sugar that are made by emulsifying different kinds of food substances such as almonds, dates, fruits, nuts and seeds. When these emulsions are allowed to oxidize, they release a unique type of flavoring that is used in cooking and baking.

How do you know when a salt is real truffle salt or just regular table salt? The color of real truffle salt tends to range from grey and dark brown to a soft and transparent, golden color. Another difference that you will find between this type of sea salt and other artificial salts is the texture. Real truffles have a somewhat coarse texture whereas artificial truffles tend to be more waxy.

What’s the best way to use truffle salt? Some people use it as an ingredient in desserts such as pies, cookies and cakes. Other people prefer to use it in savory snacks such as chips or biscuits, although candies and ice cream also make good candidates for seasoning truffle salt with fruit juices and extracts.

Why should you prefer sea salt over black truffle salt? Sea salt has a higher mineral content than black truffle salt. This means that it provides a more enriching flavor. In addition, unlike black truffle salt, it does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could potentially be harmful to your health.

Do you want your truffle salt to have a flavor beyond its salty taste? In addition to using it to season sweet treats, you can experiment with using it as a flavoring for savory foods and drinks. A great flavor for truffle salt comes from using it in cocktails. Try incorporating it with Rosemary or garlic for a Halloween-themed drink, or add some lemon juice and orange peels for a summertime refreshment.

The most popular method of cooking truffle is to melt the truffle salt on the outside of the cheese, then pour the melted butter or shortening over it. Allow the truffle salt to sit and absorb the flavors of the melted cheese. You can serve this cheese directly from the pan, or let it cool slightly so that you can serve it warm. Many chefs use truffle salt in a homemade bread sauce. Just melt a couple of of truffle and mix in your favorite ingredients, mixing thoroughly until smooth and creamy. Store unused truffle salt in an airtight container in the fridge for later use.

For a bolder flavor, try using truffle salt in place of sugar or white vinegar in a recipe. Place a few Tablesps of the salty flavor into your blender, then blend until you achieve the desired taste. To further bring out the nutty and woodsy flavor, combine with a bit of water or milk and boil it. Finally, strain into a container and serve warm.

Another way to enjoy the rich flavor of truffle salt is to sprinkle it on your baked goods. Because the salt contains a high amount of magnesium, baking is improved. Try to sprinkle table salt on cookies and chips, or have some added to your favorite crackers. Baking soda also works, as does regular table salt. All three methods will help bring out the best aspects of your foods.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the flavor of real truffle salt. Some people may find that it overpowers the flavor of other ingredients in their dishes. Although I used to dislike it myself, I now realize that this is actually very beneficial. In fact, you should use truffle salt in much the same way you would use chocolate, such as in the chocolate sauces that are created by melting truffle salt and mixing together.

The next time you are at a party and want to add a little something to your dishes, consider trying truffle salt. By using it in small amounts, you can greatly enhance the flavors in foods. However, I do recommend using it in moderation, as overdoing it can result in an unpleasant taste. If you do choose to sprinkle it on your food, plan on doing so in moderation. It’s good to sprinkle it on just a few items, but if you decide to spread it on everything, you’ll overwhelm the palate with a variety of tastes and textures.