Proxy is usually associated with anonymous proxy servers. It is a service that protects your privacy and helps you to surf anonymously. It allows you to browse any site anonymously while keeping your location private. This is the reason why proxy and VPN are often used together. Although there are a number of advantages to using these services together, it is also possible to use them separately as well.


Private proxy servers and IP changing services enable you to do web scraping with different IPs. IP changing services will change your IP address every time you request a page on the Internet. Thus, proxy servers and IP changing services can hide your real IP and trick proxy servers into thinking you are connecting through another IP. As you surf the web, only the proxy server and your destination web server see the real IP address, hence masking your real IP from your target site.

Extra layer of security: Webmasters often complain that proxy servers take up a lot of disk space and memory. However, this is not true in most cases as proxy servers to perform only two functions, one of them is hiding your IP and the other one is forwarding your requests to the right destination. Thus, proxy servers do not really require much bandwidth and memory. You can easily maintain a proxy site and do other things without worrying about extra layer of security.

Reseller packages: Reseller hosting packages allow multiple users to share the same IP address. Thus, you can easily rent a proxy site and still have plenty of bandwidth and disc space to host other websites. There are even reseller packages that allow you to resell proxy servers and other website resources such as content, blogs etc. reselling these products is a very popular business today and many people earn a lot of money with this idea.

Anonymous proxy servers: This is one of the most important benefits of using anonymous proxy servers. Whenever you surf anonymously, no one except you will ever know that you are surfing. This makes anonymous proxy a perfect tool for privacy-conscious users.

Huge potential: Anonymous proxy servers have a huge potential in terms of data transfer and website popularity. If you are interested in monetizing your blog or website through affiliate programs, pay per click etc., then proxy servers are a great way to achieve those goals. All you need to do is buy a proxy server and point it towards certain websites that you want to promote and vice versa. When users visit your site and clicks on the link to go to your promoted site, your IP address will be logged by the proxy server. With that data, your ability to make money online is almost endless.

Caching web proxies: Many anonymous proxies also support Caching web proxies which are basically the same as transparent proxies. The biggest difference between them is that Caching web proxies do not store any data about the user. This makes them much faster and simpler to use and understand than their anonymous counterparts.

With so many advantages, proxy servers are the ultimate technology that every internet user should take advantage of. It will save you time, effort and a whole lot of money. Proxy services are even available online, which will provide you with the necessary assistance you need. You just need to get in touch with certain websites that offer these services and start earning while you browse the net.

This proxy works by requesting a small portion of the web pages it needs from a particular website. Each time the request is made, it returns the requested page without requesting for any additional information. With this proxy, you can make several advantages. You don’t have to share any details about your IP address or even your name when you surf the net. proxy servers make use of a proxy server as a middleman between the client and the server, and it maintains the client’s IP address and asks only for information that is needed.

Proxy servers are useful in several ways. For example, anonymous proxy servers are used when you want to browse the internet safely and securely. You can do this by surfing at sites that are regarded as safe and secure even though you’re using an IP address or web-browser which is under surveillance.

proxy servers are the best way to avoid being monitored, tracked and harassed online. To use proxy services for free, you need to find a suitable proxy server. Several proxy servers are free of cost and they can be used without giving anything in return. However, proxy services that charge a fee to provide better performance, higher level of anonymous data traffic, higher level of privacy and anonymous proxy services.