Sea salt is blackish salt which is formed by the evaporation of ocean water. It’s used both as a preservative in cooking, seasoning and even for preserving food. It’s also known as blackstrap or kosher salt. It’s much like mined gemstone salt, although it retains a much lower concentration of minerals than do the latter. Sea salt has its roots in the eastern Mediterranean, however it’s used around the world today.

Like mined gemstone salt, production of black sea salt dates back to prehistoric times. Fossils with fossils were discovered around the Middle East, proving that sea salt was a more common occurrence in prehistoric times than previously believed. Today, modern-day black sea salt can be traced as far back as Egyptian times. As with fossilized salt, evaporation takes place causing the salt to develop crystals, the crystal salt being separated from the liquid that contains it.

Although some dispute the existence of prehistoric black sea salt, modern-day research supports their existence. This type of salt is used as a flavor in baked products including breads and cakes. It’s also used to help eliminate odors in food preparation and in deodorizing certain fabrics. In fact, it’s a popular ingredient in certain shampoos that seek to alleviate dandruff and lice problems. The salt provides an excellent alternative to synthetic dyes that leave behind harmful traces of chemicals.

The black sea salt of today is harvested in locations around the world including the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts. Harvesting methods vary depending on the location. However, most modern-day harvesting techniques are done with dredging and chemical methods that may be harmful to marine life. Some companies also use electric rills in an effort to decrease the amount of saltwater used in the extraction process. Unfortunately, these techniques don’t always result in a pristine, sea-like environment.

Salt is not only for consumption though. It can also be used in a variety of home projects. Many people use sea salt for siding and walls because it is easily available and can be bought in bulk. Home enthusiasts have also turned to using it for water fountain systems to add a relaxing sound or to create a unique artistic look.

Although the popularity of this product continues to grow, many consumers don’t realize the extent of its versatility. It can be used to both beautify and sanitize water features in the home or office. These decorative features not only make for attractive surroundings, they also contain a significant amount of salt. Installing this salt in any area will make it a focal point that beautifies the surrounding area as well.

Sea salt also benefits consumers in other ways. For example, sea salt contains trace minerals that are beneficial to our health. The most common mineral found in sea salt is sodium chloride. This mineral can be taken advantage of by incorporating it into a variety of recipes, such as sea food, smoothies and juices.

If you haven’t used sea salt before, you’ll want to give it a try. Not only is it incredibly versatile, it also has some incredible health benefits. By using sea salt regularly, you can benefit from all of its amazing potential. For more information on purchasing this fantastic product, visit Coastal Consumers.

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