free ios apps

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to stay organized, you’ll find a vast array of free iOS apps to enhance your life. From budgeting and sleep apps to study resources and mobile scanners, these apps can help you achieve all your personal and professional goals. The iOS App Store has an incredible range of educational apps, and you’ll find many of them in one place, like iTunes U.

Rather than spending all day trying to find a great free iOS app, you should check out today’s apps instead. These are the top free apps on the App Store, and you can browse through them by tapping on the Today section at the bottom of the screen. Beware, however, that some promoted apps require you to pay for subscriptions or in-app purchases in order to access all of their features. Instead, scroll down to the Top Free section and tap on the See All option. This will bring up the entire range of free apps.

If you have children, YouTube Kids is an excellent choice. The app allows your child to browse through the YouTube video library without the parent control, and features simpler video categories for younger children. The app hides parental controls until the kid uses it to see a message on their screen to proceed. Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS is a stripped-down version of the popular software. It offers basic editing features and supports Dropbox, Facebook, and Creative Cloud.

Another great option is the Shortcuts app. It allows you to save notes and highlight text on your iOS device, then import them into your text editor. Shortcuts also enables you to tag saved notes, assign page numbers, and export them. This is perfect for remembering important bits of text in a book. It can lighten your iOS workload by automating tasks that would otherwise be difficult to perform. Its features make it possible to get more done without having to make more calls.

Another great free app for iPhone is Shazam. If you’re a fan of popular music, you’ll enjoy this app wherever you go. Simply open it while a song is playing and Shazam will provide the artist and song names. This way, you can answer the age-old question: “What is that song?”

If you’re a music buff, you may enjoy the BBC Sounds app. It offers a comprehensive selection of BBC podcasts and radio stations, plus you can download episodes and continue listening on multiple devices. It also lets you send music tracks to your Apple Watch through Apple Music and Spotify. SoundCloud is another popular audio player that’s free to download and use. It allows you to add music to your playlists and follow your friends.

Some of the best apps on the iPhone are those designed to improve your life. Redditors suggest apps for sleep, mental health, and food. Redditors recommend AllTrails, a fitness app for iPhone, for example. This app shows you the best trails near you and gives detailed descriptions of the route and elevation. You can even see pictures of the trails. And the most popular apps are not just designed for health, but for fun too.

Another great app for iOS users is eBay. This app allows users to search for auctions and view the full eBay website without leaving the app. The Groupon app, on the other hand, provides discount coupons for restaurants and events. Another free app, this app is great for finding deals, as it can save you up to 70% of their retail prices. You can even use AppStore-discounts to find the best apps at the lowest prices.

If you have small or medium kids, an iPad loaded with educational apps is essential. If your children aren’t yet old enough for a tablet, this is an excellent choice. While iPlayer is invaluable for adults, CBeebies is much more kid-friendly and offers more content for kids. If you’re looking for an educational app, try CBeebies. The apps feature educational content, and parental lock makes them safe.