Are you in the need of relaxation and just want to enrich the visual appeal of your Android phone or tablet? Then Vibes and Vision is the perfect solution to do so, as this is an app that embodies all the beauty and stunning appeal that you can find in our world, and then delivers it via one of the most impressive image packages that you can find on the market.

Right after opening Vibes and Vision you will be able to access a variety of categories, all of which include great-looking backgrounds and wonderful, soothing music.

You can use the app in any way you want, either for checking out those extraordinary backgrounds or for listening to music that will help you achieve the ultimate relaxation as you see fit. You can easily go from one category to another, so there’s a lot of value that comes from using Vibes and Vision, not to mention that you are free to access any piece of content wherever you want.

With our app you will be able to create your own mood without having to think about stress or anything that will worsen your current state. Instead, we will help you relax and see life through a new glimpse, one that will instill happiness and an extraordinary set of feelings that you can rarely have in today’s society. We designed this tool to be useful for a variety of persons and situations, hence the large number of categories that we offer.

Rest assured that each category has a lot of stuff for you to check out, and each one manages to provide with a great mood that you will love for sure.

Vibes and Vision doesn’t allow you to set the images as desktop backgrounds, instead it brings you the ultimate relaxation tool. All images and sounds are blended in order to provide you with a complete meditative environment.

This is an app that will provide you with great results immediately. Gone are those moments in which you wanted to relax and couldn’t find a way to do it, with Vibes and Vision you get all of that and so much more! We have designed a quiet, visually appealing place where your negative thoughts will go away and where you will be able to enjoy your life once again.

Don’t settle with the normal states of mind and never take them for granted. With this app, you will be able to unravel the true potential of your mind, all while relaxing it and promoting more intelligence and positive thinking. Through its great images and high quality music, Vibes and Vision manages to enrich and improve your life, so don’t waste your time and give it a go, you will love it!


  • High quality, HD images
  • Multiple categories that you can browse
  • Relaxing, HQ music
  • Enjoy an environment of relaxation and meditation

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